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Intuition Power – Connect to Your Senses & Change Your Life in 2017

What does it really mean to “follow your intuition?” You are in a restaurant and your senses alert you to someone walking in with a black bag. They scan the dining area and hover in the corner. The hair on the back of your neck stands up. Your intuitive response is, I need to get […]

Flaunting Everything on Social Media – A Criminals Point of View

Some celebrities love to flaunt everything on social media without considering the consequences of it all. When will we learn to filter the content we provide on social media sites? When will we learn that our every movement, every thought, and every location visited doesn’t need to be shared via social media? Most importantly, why […]

Return to Your Senses – Now Available

Mr. Eastman’s book, Return to Your Senses, is now available worldwide on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle,  iBook and many other retailers worldwide. He wrote this amazing book to help others find their purpose by relying on inherent gifts and abilities — far greater assets than the technological devices they may possess. Synopsis: Are your senses screaming at you for […]


I am trained to kill by the government! I started my training at the young age of 18 when I began my 12-years of service in the US Army. During those 12 years, and when not on an operation, I continued to train to kill the enemy. When we weren’t physically training to do so, […]

Best place to hide your valuables

The Eastman Protective Agency does not recommend using safes to protect your valuables in your “home.” Our reason is simple, a burglar, houseguest, housekeeper, house staff, etc, who has gained or has regular access to your home expect that you will keep your most valuable belongings, including cash, in your safe. If a burglar has […]

Terrorist kidnaps an A-list celebrity and claim they will assassinate in five days!

At 7:30pm, a team of highly skilled terrorist ambushed an undisclosed film location in Rio de Janeiro  Brazil, and captured one of Americas most sought after A-list celebrities. 24-hours after the abduction, a terrorist organization claimed responsibility and vowed to assassinate the superstar in front of the entire world. Terrifying thought, right? Though this is NOT […]

Young-Adult Domestic Terrorist:

Many young-adults who resort to domestic terrorism are seeking supremacy. No matter how nice they may appear, no matter how many people actually consider them kind, smart, amusing, friendly, etc… they simply do not, and will not feel important. No mater how well they do in school, no mater how great they are at sports, […]

TSA Prohibited Items List Changing April 25th

Due to several calls to our agency inquiring about the new TSA authorized items list, we felt it is best that we share what the TSA will begin allowing as carry-on bags. “TSA established a committee to review the prohibited items list based on an overall risk-based security approach. After the review, TSA Administrator John […]

Lost or Stolen Passport When Traveling Overseas

Lost or stolen passport? If your passport is lost or stolen when traveling overseas, Please contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate for assistance. Phone numbers for U.S. embassies and consulates are also available in the Country Specific Information and Key Officers handbook. You will need to speak to the American Citizens Services unit […]

Gideons Elementary School – Youth Motivation Day

I wanted to thank Charles L. Gideons Elementary School, and Bonnie Starr, for personally inviting me to come speak to the students during their Youth Motivation Day today. I was truly impressed and inspired by the amount of love the entire teaching staff has for our future Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Athletes, Teachers, Mothers, Fathers, Singers, […]