Return to Your Senses- By Ronald D. Eastman II

Mr. Eastman’s book, Return to Your Senses, will be available worldwide on July 15th 2016. He wrote the book to help others find their purpose by relying on inherent gifts and abilities — far greater assets than the technological devices they may possess.


Humans consume a smorgasbord of social media and mass media for breakfast, lunch and dinner, stuffing ourselves to the point of tuning out our inherent senses designed to continuously protect, preserve and reinforce the lives we desire. The dangers of our preoccupation with intellect over intuition are slowly poisoning our existence, as told by Ronald Eastman, CEO of Eastman Protective Agency, and the rich and famous are no exception. Through Eastman’s eyes as a protector of A-list actors and other entertainers, CEOs, and government officials, Return to Your Senses: Save Yourself Before Technology Kills You delivers a fascinating and hair-raising glimpse into the lives of celebrities – one fraught with predators, paparazzi and dangerous lovers. But readers will also be reminded of the power of their reptilian brains – their inherent senses – which Eastman has used to thwart threats against clients on hundreds of occasions.