Trust your intuition- It is there to Protect you!

Why is it that the older people get, the more they begin lying and deceiving themselves? Why is it that we are born with such great intuition, but our parents and loved ones immediately starting teaching us to trust with our mind and not the internal instincts we are born with?

All living creatures, except for humans, trust and rely on instincts to survive. Humans, however, ignore them and rely on emotions to survive. Must of us live in denial from the way we feel about things, to traditionalizing bad decisions. Why?

There are a lot of different things that can block intuition. Being impatient, personal beliefs, family values, stress, our fear of being rude to others, and our ego. But the #1 reason is we have been taught from a child to ignore our gut and that little whisper that alerts us to danger. As children, our intuition tells us to stay away from a person, but love ones will force us to interact with them. For example, a child might not want to hug, say hello, or even give a kiss to a friend of the family because their instincts have alerted them to danger. Yet, they are told, and often forced, to give them a hug, a kiss, or to say hello. Simply said, we are taught to ignore our instincts, and it is time we get back in practice of trusting and relying on them for survival.

Separate the voice that guides you “from ego.” Listen to your intuition. If it tells you to take another street when driving, take the other street. If it tells you not to be alone with the person you are with, don’t be alone with them. If a person gets on the elevator that you are already on, and your instincts tell you to get off, get off and take another elevator. Learn to trust your instincts; it is there to protect you.

We must redevelop that place inside us where we are neutral and not over emotional. Practice is essential to using our intuition properly. Lets start by returning to the beginner’s mind. Begin with opening yourself for more intuitive thoughts. Pay attention and take action on your intuitive hunches and you will be amazed at the results. The more your trust it, the more your intuitive guidance will develop. The more experienced you get, the more of an opportunity for your intuition to surface. Don’t force it, allow it to surface naturally.

Ronald D. Eastman II
President & CEO
Eastman Protective Agency