Terror in our Schools: Let’s Stop the trend.

The day in age when you drop your kids off at school and kiss them on the forehead knowing that you will see them when the bell rings is long gone. Instead, it’s becoming the “norm” to turn on the news and hear of learning institutions that have been raided by a senseless act of violence. As I turn from channel to channel trying to escape the dismal news, I think what could’ve been done to stop the shooter and how can we prevent such violence going forward.

However, you will notice that as the days go by, the story will begin to fade and the shooting that captured America is soon forgotten; that is until it happens again. Whether days, months or years apart, each loss is devastating, especially when we have the power to institute precautionary actions to prevent such occurrences. We must treat these incidents as if they are a threat to our nation, much like the terror we faced during 9/11.  I’m not comparing the two, but simply pointing out that after 9/11, security measures were heightened and everyone who graced an airport had to adhere to the new travel rules. These changes have made it increasingly difficult for those who plan to harm our nation and future. If we used the same intensity to develop and train security professionals within our schools, they would be a safer place. It’s time to send a message that our schools will not be infiltrated and our children and their educators will no longer be on the frontline.  

Sonhara Dawkins
Director of Operations
Eastman Protective Agency