The Eastman Protective Agency Logo

The Eastman Protective Agency logo consists of a blue shield outlined in gray and black. The shield embodies our agency’s ability to protect and defend. The color blue on the shield represents self-control, safekeeping and confidence. The gray, which outlines the shield, signifies the wisdom we have gained through experience. The thin black trim denotes our agent’s ability to be both compassionate, but lethal.

The three gray five-pointed stars on the shield represent Orion and its three bright stars Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. Orion is one of the most well known constellations in the northern sky. To the ancients, the figure represented the giant, Orion, in a heroic gesture holding the shield against Taurus the mighty Bull. When observing the constellation, Orion is standing with his right arm holding a great club uplifted in the air, ready to strike. Over his left arm hangs a lion’s skin that he holds up as a shield before him to stop the raging bull. 

The platinum laurel wreath curving up from beneath the shield, which in ancient Greece were awarded to victors in athletic competitions during the roman games, represents our firm’s stand on remaining physically fit and being the best in this field. 

The words “TAILORED TO YOU” in gold, represent our mission to personalize our services so they exceed the needs of our clients without ever jeopardizing their safety or security.