Bullies to Bodyguards!

The truth to the matter is, many bullies are desperately trying to overcome their overwhelming feeling of low self-worth! That low self-worth often comes from a household where anger, yelling, disrespect, use of force, humiliation, and intimidation is used to control and punish. Parents who are too tolerant and look the other way when their young children are aggressive or violent, simply are encouraging their children to become bullies.

Bullies are everywhere! They are children, parents, men, women, customers, clients, celebrities, supervisors, paparazzi, law enforcement, and the list goes on and on. However, what all bullies have in common are they torment others in an attempt to hide their inadequacies. The more they bully, the more inadequacies they are struggling to hide. Unfortunately, the individuals they target are often showcasing what they so desperately are trying not to expose. For example, a person who is gay might be targeted because the bully feels shame for desiring the same sex as well. An intelligent person might be targeted because the bully is trying so desperately to hide their lack of intelligence. An overweight person might be targeted because they appear to be flaunting what they so desperately are trying to hide, their imperfections. Simply said, the more an individual showcases their imperfections, the more it reminds the bully of his or hers own inadequacies.

What makes bullying worse in the 21st century is the inability to escape the attacks and have a moment of reprieve. Today, bullies attack 24-hours a day, 7 days a week via electronic technology. They are simply relentless and continue to attack on facebook, twitter, blogs, by text messaging, e-mail, and by posting embarrassing pictures. To add to the bullying, they also use social media to draw an audience, which leads to multiple attacks.

So what do we do to help prevent bullying and those often targeted. First, stand up for the person being bullied. Be a protector of life, similar to the agents who work for my agency. Bullies prefer to target those who are defenseless, so defend them and get others to stand up as well. Second, if it is cyber bullying you are witnessing, chime in and defend the person being attacked. For every negative comment, add a positive one. Bullies want attention and an audience, so do whatever you can to take their power away. Lastly, if you know someone is being bullied and have never been present to witness it, take a moment to let the person bullied know you have their back. This will build up their confidence and make them less of a target.

Now, if you are a bully, get over yourself. Everyone has inadequacies. Stop fearing what will happen if yours gets exposed. There is nothing you have gone through that many of us have not dealt with and survived through its exposure to the world. Free yourself today by letting your imperfections become your distinctiveness. Even better, stop using intimidation to bully, and begin using it to defend those less fortunate than you.   Stop using your time and energy to bully and become something so much more powerful, a bodyguard, a protector of life.

Ronald D. Eastman II
President & CEO
Eastman Protective Agency