TSA Prohibited Items List Changing April 25th

Due to several calls to our agency inquiring about the new TSA authorized items list, we felt it is best that we share what the TSA will begin allowing as carry-on bags.

“TSA established a committee to review the prohibited items list based on an overall risk-based security approach. After the review, TSA Administrator John S. Pistole made the decision to start allowing the following items in carry-on bags beginning April 25th:

Small Pocket Knives – Small knives with non-locking blades smaller than 2.36 inches and less than 1/2 inch in width will be permitted
Small Novelty Bats and Toy Bats
Ski Poles
Hockey Sticks
Lacrosse Sticks
Billiard Cues
Golf Clubs (Limit Two)

This is part of an overall Risk-Based Security approach, which allows Transportation Security Officers to better focus their efforts on finding higher threat items such as explosives. This decision aligns TSA more closely with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards.

These similar items will still remain on the prohibited items list:

Razor blades and box cutters will remain prohibited in carry-on luggage.
Full-size baseball, softball and cricket bats are prohibited items in carry-on luggage.”