Young-Adult Domestic Terrorist:

Many young-adults who resort to domestic terrorism are seeking supremacy. No matter how nice they may appear, no matter how many people actually consider them kind, smart, amusing, friendly, etc… they simply do not, and will not feel important. No mater how well they do in school, no mater how great they are at sports, they will continue to feel invisible and unworthy. These type of individuals often seek notoriety by taking martial arts, wrestling, or any other sport where they can attempt to overpower another individual in hopes of feeling a since of power. Yet, no matter what they do, no matter how many times they win, they will never feel the since of reign they desire.

In the case of the two brothers (Dzhokhar & Tamerlan Tsarnaev) who set off the bombs during the Boston Marathon, and from my experience dealing with individuals who seek to do harm to the ones we protect, they appear to be suffering from what I call the “Cellophane Syndrome.” And as a result of feeling insignificant, helpless, and invisible, they resorted to the unthinkable; media and worldwide attention by producing mass casualties in Boston. I am certain that prior to setting off those bombs, they fantasized about the media attention they would receive. And it was that adrenaline that fueled them to carry out on those awful misbeliefs. Unfortunately, not even these horrible actions will fulfill their desperate desire to feel important.

Though I know the world wants to see their lives ended for what they did, I sure wish the media would stop giving people who do us harm so much advertisement. This is simply creating the next person who suffers from Cellophane Syndrome the spark that will ignite them to attempt to out due the other in hopes of even more media exposure. 

Ronald D. Eastman II
President & CEO
Eastman Protective Agency