Terrorist kidnaps an A-list celebrity and claim they will assassinate in five days!

At 7:30pm, a team of highly skilled terrorist ambushed an undisclosed film location in Rio de Janeiro  Brazil, and captured one of Americas most sought after A-list celebrities. 24-hours after the abduction, a terrorist organization claimed responsibility and vowed to assassinate the superstar in front of the entire world.

Terrifying thought, right? Though this is NOT a true story, high-profile terrorist abductions, as well as mass seizures of hostages is on a rise. Just as we saw recently in the Kenya Mall Attack, terrorist organizations are developing new tactics and ways to instill mass fear to the world through media exposure. One obvious way for them to achieve this is by the kidnapping and assassination of the President of the United States. However, due to his enormous security detail the chance of that transpiring is unlikely, so the next obvious target would be someone equally recognizable and idolized by entire world; an A-list celebrity.

On April 15, 2013, once again the world was glued to their televisions as we watched the Boston Marathon Bombing’s unfold. The exposure received was exactly what terrorists crave and need to instill fear. Unfortunately, due to the continuous media exposure received during massive acts of violence, it is my belief that terrorist are focusing on ways they can use media to assist them with instilling greater fear. One obvious way is the kidnapping and assassination of a high-profile celebrity. Scary thought, but as the world evolves, so do terrorist organizations. What is discouraging to me are the security organizations still using 20th century tactics in the ever-evolving 21st century.  Even more disheartening to watch are the shortcuts taken in security procedures and the lack of individual training.  

Having traveled the world with many of the world’s most prominent people and observing first hand the vulnerabilities private security firms are challenged with internationally, I am certain that if we do not prepare now we will be witness to this form of terrorism in the next 5-years. Knowing this, the Eastman Protective Agency continues to evolve our tactics with our #1 goal being the prediction and prevention of violence. We study pre-attack indicators, inappropriate human behavior, and rehearse exfiltration procedures. It is also through our study of apparent motion and the understanding of how the reptilian portion of our brain uses our natural senses to ensure our survival that we are able to master these skills. With this knowledge and continuous training, our agents are able to foresee violent behavior as easily as we can look to the skies and predict when it is about to rain. With proper training, our instincts quickly warn us of any and all dangers just like it does for an experienced driver who is able to foretell when a car is about to merge into their lane and cut them off.

So to our brother and sister organizations that are not trained, equipped or prepared, I encourage you to take action now against this new terrorist threat by developing the skills required to defend against it.


Ronald D. Eastman II
President & CEO
Eastman Protective Agency