Best place to hide your valuables

The Eastman Protective Agency does not recommend using safes to protect your valuables in your “home.” Our reason is simple, a burglar, houseguest, housekeeper, house staff, etc, who has gained or has regular access to your home expect that you will keep your most valuable belongings, including cash, in your safe. If a burglar has gained access to your home while you are inside, they will require you (who will be under stress and have an elevated heart rate) to open the safe. The burglar will also be in a rush and desperate for you to get it open immediately. You however, the victim, will be nervous, absentminded, and have decreased fine motor skills due to your elevated heart rate and most likely will not be able to open the safe. The unfortunate result will be the burglar becoming irate or even violent.

A safe, which should be both fire & water-resistant is best used for valuable documents. Great examples are passports, social security cards, birth certificates, loan paperwork, checkbooks, family will, bank statements, etc.

Our agency believes the best hiding place for your valuables is a crafty hiding spot in your home. Here are a few examples!