Investigative Services

The Eastman Protective Agency provides a wide range of investigation services. Each being discreet and confidential, but aggressive in its approach.

Our undercover private detectives know the right ways to conduct surveillance and use the proper tactics and techniques to go unnoticed by the person being investigated. From day one of the investigation, we dissect every bit of information obtained and allow the discovery of new information to dictate the investigative path instead of focusing on the end result desired. This takes skill that comes from experience and understanding of human and criminal behavior.

Our investigators are experts at using sophisticated camera equipment, installing and using tracking systems, using the internet and other tools for gathering information and utilize their senses to predict someone’s next move. Most importantly, our years of experience will be able to tell when someone is being less than honest. And because our undercover private detectives are experts in the laws and rules of investigation, you can be certain that you will get the information you need. You will also know the information obtained was done legally (unlike so many unethical investigators in this industry), which means the information can be utilized in any potential court hearings.